It´s true, we love it to be around the building. We like it to walk into it, through it, out of it. We speak to the people, to participate in their daily life or to become part of it. One day we realize: the time has come to, not only work here but to also live there. Without further ado, Agnieszka and Christoph packed their bags, and, with their tent bound under the arm like two pioneers, they moved on to the seventh floor!

Of course, there´s still a lot of stuff missing. Firstly, a kitchen. What a luck to have the electronics shop in the same building. By the way, the rooms we are using actually once were their warehouse. In fact, it´s already past due to get to know them. We simply walk to the shop. While getting detailed advices, we explain our clues, our plans and our ideas. We also tell him that, first of all, we need a kitchen. For welcoming guests, and to let expand espresso smell float thought the corridors every morning.

It´s an extremely interesting encounter with the long time residents. We listen to their stories of the buildings´ many transformations. With all those different inhabitants passing by with the years, they seem to be telling the story of some little town. Going trough flourishing times, as well as through times of deep decay. We wonder if the building, as if it was seasons, has its own cycles of life. Somehow we do not believe that there can only be shiny pasts and dark shaded futures. And everything looks just like if something´s going to blossom soon. And yes, along with that we received the first visits! One that drops by regularly and everybody is always happy to see is Fred from Leipzig, he knows Oberhausen longer and participates in almost everything Kitev is doing. So now he´s in the Oberhaus and also rapidly moves into a flat. We´re curious about his feelings and we´ll keep you updated.