It´s done!
After a long time of planning and some applications for support later, the kitchen in the „Unterhaus“ finally received its makeover. To get the whole process started we had to begin right at the bottom of it: the floor. The old PVC flooring needed to get replaced by new and robust tiles after a layer of screed was laminated in the first place. Therefore was patience the word of the hour. Of course during the drying phase, entering the kitchen was not possible and so only the waiting and watching the mass to get dry remained.
As soon as this had happened, the work continued immediately. The tiles were laid. Again, a task that could not be done quickly. So checking the time became quite superfluous and inserted one or the other night shift. On the next day, the brushes were used and the walls got a new coat of paint. The creative "splash pattern" gave way to a neutral white. But we did not want to part completely from this wild time of the beginning. A single commemorative strip now reminds of the old charm.
At the end, of course, was the time for the decorative finish. The wall tile line above the worktop in the kitchen has now been extended by a harmonious pattern mix. As soon as the last tile was set, the long-awaited new kitchen appliances finally arrived in the „Unterhaus“. By looking at the six-burner gas stove, many professional chefs would likely get tears of envy in their eyes. Our colleague Ahmad can hardly wait for the new equipment to be in use. This will already be the case in the coming days, when it´s time for d.ramadan! Because there the Refugees' Kitchen supports the great program by the Theater Oberhausen on 23 days with an evening of breaking the act of fasting.