Super nice! Oberhaus is on the shortlist for the NICE award 2017!

The annual award aims to promote innovations from the cultural and creative sectors, especially those that spill over into the wider economy and society. The theme of this year is "Creating an Inclusive World – A Call for Transformative Innovations"

More and more architecture isn’t seen as a solely functional object, furthermore, the role is shifting towards participative and collaborative city development process. In our understanding collaboration in architecture goes far beyond discussion. The diverse stories, wishes, needs, experiences and expectations are mostly not reflected in plans and sections but need a careful consideration. Real access to and identification with the society, begins when responsibility for the common enviroment are redistributed and everyone can contribute with her expertise and experience.

The final decision about the award will be announced in September. Nevertheless, in representation of all those, who were taking part in all the smaller and bigger steps, we’re already proud for being nominated!