Yes, we´re invited for dinner! Our neighbor Daniel invited us to a luxury Eritrean dinner. “ Bring your friends!” and so we did, there´s a lot of friends around us. After Fred also Andrea joined us, between blog articles and phone-calls with Italian mayors she is another good and clever soul in the house. She´ll be with us till our conference starts: “ With! Festive Workshop series for a Co-Creative society”.

A good meal tells a lot,also about the way things are called in different languages. Is it about inventing well-sounding names for dishes, or is it better to simply describe what´s in the plates? Is it impolite, or is it a sign of respect if everyone serves him/herself? Are we doing each other something good if we decide to take the expenses for the common meal as part of the project expenses, or is it an important gesture of community building if someone invites the rest of us as a private person and also covers all the expenses?

We are not only discovering new culinary worlds but also other ways to make an invitation. We question our habits but also offer them for everybodys´ pleasure. We are here together and we also beginning to cook in turn, and then to eat together at the square in front of the Oberhaus, exactly the way we dreamt about doing only a couple of weeks ago! Now we are dreaming the reality, a reality in constant evolution which we are also part of. We do not fear difficulties, we´re searching for them. We´re working on a new narrative, which is closer to our experiences and different from the one loudly echoing all around us.