During the first week of september INSIDE students worked in the Ruhr area in Germany. In a high-rise building at the central station in Oberhausen: 12 floors, 82 apartments. Since many years that building is known as «the problem-house» in the already tenuous area of the old city centre. That image is even worse. The number of vacantness and the fluctuation were extremely high. Now many refugees have moved into the apartments of the high-rise. With kitev, (culture in the tower), the laboratory for unusual interventions and resident in the watertower of Oberhausen's central train station, that situation sparked the idea 'Oberhaus' and led to the Project Refugees for Co-Creative Cities. As a contribution to this project INSIDE students, guided by Jan Körbes from REFUNC, harvested materials in the direct environment of The Oberhaus and designed four collective 'services' in the building together with inhabitants. These new collective spaces will support these inhabitants that to a great extent have a refugee background, to create a stronger 'sense of belonging' in their new Heimat. Now that the big housing challenge after a lot of refugees have entered Europe in 2015-2016 is solved, the next challenge is to incorporate and make these newcomers feel part of the european society.

- 16 master students from INSIDE (Royal Academy of Art The Hague):
Jack Bardwell - Lotti Gostič - Hande Öğün - Hangping Yang - Adriel Quiroz Silva - Laura Frias Munoz del Cerro - Huaxin Zhang - Yunkyung Lee - Daniele Valentino - I-Chieh Liu - Zara Bennett - Jinaa Baek - Janneke Derksen - Shinyoung Kang - Pichaya Puapoomcharoen - Yuan-Chun Liu
- residents and neighbours: Mohammad - Saleh Jumaa - Moayad Nadaf - Omar Sheko - Endurance Osayi
- 'Herkes İçin Mimarlık' (architecture for all), Istanbul - Merve Gül Özokcu - Erdem Üngür -
- Netzwerk Immigra, Duiburg - Fatima Caliskan -
- REFUNC, Rotterdam/Berlin - Jan Körbes - Yamina Baumgartner
- kitev, Oberhausen - Agnieszka Wnuczak - Christoph Stark - Stefan Schroer - Gesina Rath - Simon Mellnich - Ahmad Abbas -
- INSIDE, The Hague, - Hans Venhuizen - Erik Jutten - Lotte van den Berg -

#1-7: Christoph Stark #8-11: Jan Körbes #12-14 Merve Gül Özokcu