NOROOZ Mobarak, It is fascinating to know that 3000 years ago Persians were the first people to figure out that the earth rotates around the sun thus bring about the 4 seasons, hence NOROOZ (new day) begins on the first day of SPRING. approximately 190 million people celebrate Nowrooz. But the most interesting is the Nowrooz table, which is the center of the whole celebration and called "Haft Seen"  or seven essence which in Farsi language means seven S because seven is a lucky number in Iran.
First, one called "Sabzeh" each family grow something green and it represent rebirth, second is "Samanu" the suit brown pudding that represents new life of nature, third is "Seeb" and it represent health and beauty, the fourth one is "Senjed" the Sea-buckthorn and it represent love, the fifth one is "Seer" which translate to garlic in Persian and represents medicine and good health. sixth is "Somaq" a Persian spice represents sunrise and light coming from darkness and finally the seventh and last one which is "Serkeh" which translate to vinegar in Persian and it represents age and Patience. Preparing them all takes weeks and finishes with all the family and friends gathering together and starting the new year.
Happy Nowrooz to all of our friends who celebrate it.