Everybody are excited, today is the day. Oberhaus residents together with interested residents of the region are coming to see the results of teamwork during this ten days. The city was sleeping last night when our friends were awake and working hard to set everything ready for today. Ten projects were built and made. Tonight Oberhausen won't sleep early, Oberhaus is filled with joy. from roof to ground floor.

U-Bahn Oberhausen

Urban legends contribute to the people’s perception of places. That’s why Aleksandr, Roman and Arsen decided to invent a legend for the high-rise. It will be a unique feature of the house. It does not need much to support this idea. Just tell your friends: “There is a new metro station in the house”.

Aleksandr Shevchenko – Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Roman Sakh – Kiev, Ukraine
 and Arsen Vardanyan – Gyumri, Armenia

We are here

Mitya and Kate deal with the iconographic motif of conquest. Together with the residents and guests from Oberhausen, they symbolically occupy the Hoch- haus for one evening with all the means you need for a real squat. With this production they point to the symbolic meaning of historical documents that characterize our notion of history.
Mitya Chririkov – Kiev, Ukraine / Berlin, Germany
Kate Rusetska – Dnipro, Ukraine

Das Innen Leben

A projection on the outer walls of the high-rise shows scenes from the inside as if the walls of the building were removed. In their work Nikita and Maxim symbolically want to break through the walls that lead to marginalization in society. Have a glance and get into an open dialogue with the people.
Nikita Ovsiuk – Novosibirsk, Russia
Maxim Kuzmenko – Chișinău, Moldova

Wo gehörst du hin?

When you take a close look at your surroundings, you also recognize those things that are not obvious. Please take a postcard and send it to someone you like. Which card would you choose? Take part in a project about home and where you belong.
Zhan Pobe – Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Ekaterina Sharova – Arkhangelsk, Russia
Iryna Kats – Kremenchuk, Ukraine
In collaboration with: Anastassia Tamarovskaya – Krasnoyarsk, Russia and Ghaith Shahta – Oberhausen, Deutschland / Aleppo, Syria


Feel welcome at the reception desk and take a few minutes in the mini-lounge. The pop-up concierge service provides a moment of human interaction to everyone entering the building.
Iryna Yakovchuk – Kiev, Ukraine
Ara Nazinyan – Yerevan, Armenia
Elena Kropaneva – Ekaterinburg, Russia


Flags of different countries adorn the house. Flags which represent real, distant, fantastic and personal spaces. That creates connections and merge into one another.
Platon Silvestrov – Lviv, Ukraine / Köln, Germany
Rostislav Silvestrov – Köln, Germany


There are no secure bicycle parking facilities close to the Oberhaus. A bike cage is a low-cost storage solution that can be realised in multiple ways. Take a look, which options were found in the surroundings of the high-rise.
Vladimir Zlokazov – Ekaterinburg, Russia

Hyper Cubes

A light installation. The sides of the cube are connected to the interior of the staircase. Pass by and get an impression of the interfaces of three, perhaps even four dimensions in space.
Elena Titova – Ulyanovsk, Russia
Andrii Tuzhykov – Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Ruslan Sabirov – Kazan, Russia

Selfie im Aufzug

„Selfie in the Lift“ is an offer to all residents and guests of the house to establish a 30-second relationship. „Who are we?“ is the question asked. One response you can get as soon as the elevator door closes.
Elena Titova – Ulyanovsk, Russia
Andrii Tuzhykov – Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Ruslan Sabirov – Kazan, Russia

Shiny Toys

The audiovisual festival Shiny Toys from Mülheim transforms the vacancy on the ground floor of the Oberhaus with the installation „Explore sight and sound“.
LIVE: Tintin Patrone & Tim Huys, Nils Quak, Ray Vibration und Moogulator VISUALS: RaumZeitPiraten, Yochee/ 7dex I visuals & stuff
DJs: Tofuland, Einar Zuviel (Skribble Gebibble)

Fotos: © Руслан Альтимиров, Anastassia Tamarovskaya and Andrii Tuzhykov