Fred is here. Really. He does cabinet works and spreads good mood through the corridors. He builds up a woodcut print workshop in one of the empty flats. Suddenly there´s tools for producing images among all those people building furniture. That sounds poetic, and that´s how Fred´s like.

We´re so stunned by his views on what´s going on in the high-rise building and the possible perspectives he sees; They start to grow in our synapses, between the eyes and the brain. How much lightness can one feel around this place? We start imagining the building as a clumsy body or an aquarium. We see things flying around its balconies, things that also tell us something about the inhabitants´stories.

And that´s yet another way to bring lightheartedness to life. What is actually important? And which worlds are possible? While sleeping at night we dream these images into the Oberhaus.

And we shine them out on gently laughing faces in the corridors, when we wake up in the morning. Not everything is easy, but somehow everything works out well.